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Wig Facts To Consider
Shopping Online For a Wig


Ginnys Wigs does not accept returns so we can guarantee every wig sold is new and clean.

There are several websites that sell wigs, and many of them are highly discounted. Prices often reflect the amount of service provided, employees, the cost of a location, and professional experience in the hairdressing field.

Ginny is a licensed professional hairdresser with many years experience. Wigs are sold in the salon to offer professional service, guidance, and assistance with wig selections and care. Wigs in the salon are never previously returned, and strict sanitary guidelines are followed in Ginny's Wig Salon. Wigs are available online for viewing purposes only and not sold online. Ginny's is a professional salon and personally assists clients through all phases of wig purchasing.



 Facts To Consider When Buying Wigs Online:


  •  Can you trust that the wig image viewed online is actually the wig you will get? 


  • When purchasing online, does a customer truly know if the wig they purchase is new, or has it been previously returned?

  • If an online reseller offers a full money back guarantee, is the wig you are purchasing previously worn? "Money Back Guarantee" means they accept worn wigs back from a customer. If the manufacturer does not accept returns, the wig is usually resold as "new."

  • Wigs should not be returned for sanitary reasons, and the manufacturer does NOT take them back. If you are able to return your wig, chances are it is being re sold, and you may also purchase one that has been returned.

  • Does a customer know the sanitary conditions of an online reseller? Is it a brick and mortar store, a factory, or someone's basement? 


There are many factors to consider when making a wig purchase. Ginny's Salon is a reputable, successful  business with many years of offering professional services to those in need of a wig.

As always she is available by phone or email to answer any questions you may have.

Email Ginny @ ginnyswigs@yahoo.com


Below is some helpful information for wig styles and cap construction.

The Estetica Wig Classique Collection has a Pure Stretch Cap.

The Estetica Wig Naturalle Collection has a Front Lace Line.

The High Society Collection of Mono Wigs have a natural looking scalp.


Ginny's Wigs is an accredited business through The Better Business Bureau. Click the link for more info: :charlotte/business-reviews/hair-pieces/ginnys-wigs-in-gastonia-nc-290741/bbb-accreditation

Wigs are a personal item and cannot be returned

Please call ahead to confirm our Saturday hours, especially  if you are driving a long distance. Occasionally we are closed for vacation, a holiday weekend, weather conditions, or unexpected circumstances. Thank You.

 Facts to consider when shopping online for a wig.

During our normal business hours, please arrive at least one hour prior to closing so we have sufficient time to assist you with your wig selection. Please arrive by 4:00 Tues to Thurs, and arrive by 2:00 on Friday and Saturday. If you are uncertain, please call ahead as we may close early.

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